Type: Floating or Sinking

Length: 3cm

Quantity: 12pcs./jar

Floating 6;59;100;101/ Sinking 3;52;53;77

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Silicone imitations of insects and larvae are very popular in trout and microjig fishing. Anglers will appreciate the properties of the miniature Baby Worm 1,2 “bait from the Crazy Fish trademark . Its length is 30 mm. It has a dense, ribbed body that resembles an insect or worm larva. Miniature baits are treated with a special additive. The smell of shrimp and squid is popular with many predatory Fish. In addition to trout, Baby Worm 1,2 will trick perch and also chub. Crazy Fish Silicone Worms are packed in a plastic jar that keeps fragrance long and effective for a long time. Depending on the conditions, you can choose a sinking or floating model.

Type: Floating; Sinking

Length: 3 cm

Quantity: 12 pcs./pack

Baby Worm

  • Floating 6; 59; 100; 101
  • Sinking 3; 52; 53; 77

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Floating, Sinking

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