Keitech Hyper Spider 3.2″


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Since its launch when the silicon skirt specification “Smoraba” did not yet exist, the Little Spider has been firmly positioned as a bait that produces fish.

The “Hyper Spider” is another finesse skirted bait that inherits that reliable concept and is optimized for when fishing is tough. The biggest difference from Little Spider is the baits presence when inputting action. Falling, swimming, shaking… No matter how you use the lure, each part responds well and works strongly.

6 Per Pack
Approx 5g each

A new proposal called Strong Finesse
feed or appeal -2
The left is “Little Spider 3 inch”. As you can see, “Hyperspider” is not a remake of the original, but a completely different one that shares only the basics of how bass reacts. Understand the characteristics of both and try to use them properly.

 3.2″ (6 tails/inner tray package)
1 fish weight: about 5g
Recommended hook size: straight or narrow gap #1/0

A living creature skirt that each one has a will-3
A characteristic and three-dimensional skirt design reminiscent of a beetle named “Juggy Skirt” is designed to increase the surface area and volume. It is thick and has tension, and in the water each one (16 in total) receives water independently, flows it, and converts it into complex waves.

Flat head that utilizes the deflection of the entire body 4
By making the head flat in a delta shape, it creates a turbulent airflow effect that makes you fan with a fan when you give it upper and lower rod work. It is propagated to the two claws (flap arms) as it is, generating a stronger water flow.

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