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Keitech Crazy Flapper

The “Crazy Flapper” is available in 3 sizes: 2.8″, 3.6″ & 4.4″. This fantastic creature bait built to imitate a crayfish can be Texas or Carolina rigged, used on the dropshot or weightless and makes a great Jig trailer, also fish it dropshot, jig and a few other ways. The Crazy Flapper’s patent pending design uses dual injected PVC plastics and is impregnated with Keitech’s highly effective, unique squid scent. This gives it the perfect combination of softness and durability with added attractant. Its body design slithers through cover while the claws and tentacles flutter seductively following the slightest movement. This allows the angler to use less weight, slow down the fall and keep the bait in the strike zone longer.

Durability – The “Keitech Crazy Flapper” uses a specific blend of plastics to increase durability. This becomes a key feature when fishing heavy cover.

Incredible flappin’ arm action: The claws incorporate a revolutionary design which creates a wild flapping action. The claws and tentacles flutter following the slightest movement and require a much lighter weight to achieve maximum action. This allows the angler to slow the bait’s rate-of-fall, a big benefit when targeting pressured fish.

Keitech Crazy Flapper Features:

– PVC material with squid scent

– Great for Texas rig, Carolina rig and Jig trailer

– The 2.8-inch/7 cm – Keitech Crazy Flapper has 8 baits per pack

– The 3.6-inch/9 cm – Keitech Crazy Flapper has 7 baits per pack

– The 4.4-inch/11cm – Keitech Crazy Flapper has 6 baits per pack


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2.8", 3.6"


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