POLARIS is the most versatile lure for micro and light jig.

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POLARIS is the most versatile lure for micro and light jig. Due to the geometry of the body it has incredibly realistic presentation in the water, imitating a leech, worm or larva. It’s enough to give a slight impulse with a tip of spinning and the lure comes alive. Designed mainly for perch and bass, it can be successfully used for most kinds of fresh and salt water fish. Wide range of colours, 5 sizes from 30mm to 100mm and 6 different smells will help you to find the best lure exactly for your fishing conditions.

Model: POLARIS; Size: 30mm, 45mm, 54mm, 68mm, 100mm; Material: slow sinking with salt, floating; Weight: 30mm – 0.1g, 45mm – 0.4g, 54mm – 0.5g, 68mm – 1.5g, 100mm – 2.2g; Qty per pack: 30mm/16pcs, 45mm/8pcs, 54mm/8pcs, 68mm/8pcs, 100mm/6pcs; Available attractants: anise, fish, roasted fish, shrimp, roasted garlic, squid

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2", 3", 4"


1 Olive, 13D Peach, 16 Watermelon, 17D Black Fish, 18 Carrot, 26 Swamp, 32 Dark Beer, 3D Swamp Pearl, 42 Green Pumpkin Blue, 4D Chart Swamp, 5D Orange ChartReuse, 66 Pearl Snow, 8 Coffee, 8D Orange Coffee, 9D Pink Snow