Size:    2″;  8 Pcs/pack;

Size:  3.2″;  6 Pcs/pack;


NIMBLE is one of the most remarkable lures in a family of soft crawfish imitations. Designed with idea to make “alive” claws for working at one spot and hold the lure in a strike zone longer, using the slowest retrieve. It must have perfect action even if you want to fish without sinker or with very light heads. Due to perfect geometry of each element and soft material, the lure has spectacular presentation in the water while you retrieve it with any speed – from extra slow to quite fast. Also it’s more than tasty during lift and fall.

In other words – it works constantly and all the time, doesn’t depend on the direction of movement. The softness of material is perfect, like a “golden mean” for light soft lures – sufficient for making NIMBLE alive in the water after the smallest impulse of your rod, but still durable enough for catching more fish, compared with many other similar baits. It can be used on regular or flexible jig heads, Dropshot,

Carolina or Texas rig. Also it reaches good results rigged on weighted offset hook.

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2", 3.2"


01 Olive, 06 Chartreuse, 10D Natural, 12 Ultraviolet, 12D Night Sky, 13D Peach, 14 UV Motor Oil, 15D Fire Orange, 16 Watermelon, 18 Carrot, 18D Citrus, 20 Kiwi, 22 Grapes, 23D Pink Provoker, 25D Pearl Skin by MF, 26 Swamp, 30D Caddisfly Pupa by MF, 32 Dark Beer, 3D Swamp Pearl, 42 Green Pumpkin Blue, 49 Snow White, 4D Chart Swamp, 51 Black, 54 Green Acid, 59 White, 5D Orange ChartReuse, 68 Black/Red Watermelon, 73 Blue Ruby, 76 Toxic Pink, 82 Toxic Chartreuse, 85 Blue Leech, 8D Orange Coffee, 9 Squid, 9D Pink Snow, M109, M110, M111, M112, M113, M114, M115