Allure is a perfect lure for trout fishing.


Allure is a perfect lure for trout fishing. It has well proven body shape which was upgraded by the best world’s anglers tips. Excellent geometry, the best fish catching colours and great attractants give you all chances to catch a trout in any water – lakes and streams as well. Also Allure is well suited for perch, pike and zander for using with micro jig as well as for rock fishing! This lure reveals its full potential if used with flex heads and big ring hooks.


Size: 27mm, 40mm, 52mm (1.1″, 1.6″, 2″)

Material: slow sinking with salt

Weight: 27mm – 0,3g, 40mm – 0,86g, 52mm – 2g

Size/Qty per pack: 27mm/10pcs;  40mm/8pcs;  52mm/6pcs;

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1.1", 1.6", 2"


12 Ultraviolet, 13D Peach, 14 UV Motor Oil, 18D Citrus, 22 Grapes, 22D Milk Coffee by MF, 23D Pink Provoker, 25D Pearl Skin by MF, 28D Yin Yang, 30D Caddisfly Pupa by MF, 31D Char by MF, 32 Dark Beer, 33D Plum, 40 White Tea, 42 Green Pumpkin Blue, 50 Pink Flamingo, 51 Black, 54 Green Acid, 57 Amber, 59 White, 6 Chartreuse, 76 Pink, 77 Toxic Orange, 8D Orange Coffee, 9D Pink Snow